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10 tricks to burn more calories on the treadmill

10 tricks to burn more calories on the treadmill

The best machine to lose weight is the treadmill. There are no more tricks to burn more calories. For its simplicity and the type of exercise that is done, the treadmill is the best way to get rid of those extra kilos. Perhaps long ago already intuits take several months and already incorporating into your daily routine, just minutes from race continues. But, for some strange reason, you are not seeing the results … Why?

Although each case is special and each one has a different metabolism, I dare to venture that your problem is in how you run on the tape. Keep in mind that, when you pursue a specific fitness goal, you must pay special attention to all the details to achieve your goals. Here we present 10 essential tricks to lose weight using the treadmill.

  1. Focus on the swing of arms

Although it may not seem like it, the arms have a fundamental role when you run. If you learn to do a good arm swing you will multiply the benefits of the race. The arms direct the coordination of the lower trunk with the upper one so that a correct arm stroke will help you to involve more muscles of the body and, therefore, to burn more calories. It is best to balance them from front to back without crossing or tilting. You must maintain a 90-degree angle and move the elbows parallel to the direction that is advanced. As for the shoulders, keep them relaxed, without contracting them and without hiding the head inside them … If until now you had not considered the arm stroke, I must apologize because after having read all this, your way of running will change completely.

  1. Give yourself a few minutes of recovery

If you are one of those who finish the training on the tape in a jump this may interest you. To finish the routine of the blow, without letting the muscles recover little by little, can cause serious injuries and slow down the recovery of your body. In contrast, finishing the training gradually lowering the intensity of the race is much more natural, safe and, “you get the body to work more, adding more minutes to the session burning fat,” says David Siik, running instructor. Keep in mind that the body starts to burn fat after the first 17 minutes of cardio, so the longer you lengthen your session, the more fat you will burn.

  1. Forget about the weights

If your goal is to lose weight, forget about running with weights. That will only make you run more artificially and prevent you from concentrating on the race. Without the weights, you will run faster, stronger and longer. Keep in mind that a well-done tape training should leave you exhausted. If after your session you feel that you could incorporate weights into your training plan, it means that you have not trained with the intensity level required.

  1. Uses the inclination of the treadmill

Running on a sloping track is an excellent way to increase the intensity of your training. The increase in effort implies a greater number of beats per minute, which translates, automatically, with burning more calories. This type of training is highly recommended if you are thinking of having a prolonged session because the tilt reduces the pressure on the knees. The best thing is to intersperse, throughout the session, different degrees of inclination.

  1. The intensity is more important than the number of kilometers

The treadmill allows you to focus on the technique and precision of the race. Speed, inclination, pulsations, intensity … All factors are controllable! Therefore, when you run on a treadmill you should look for the quality of the training and not obsess over the distance traveled.

  1. Work at intervals

Running at intervals is much more efficient than long-duration races. In addition to burning more calories, you will minimize the impact of the knees and ankles. Try running at high-intensity intervals combined with low-intensity continuous stroke. With this type of training, you will be able to strengthen the core and combat abdominal fat.

  1. Gradually increase speed

Go increasing gradually the speed will help you to increase the level of demand of the session. When it comes to burning calories, the keys are the beats per minute. The more pulsations, the more calories are burned. When you acquire enough physical form to sustain a certain race pace, your beats are also used and end up making less effort to hold the level. That’s why I encourage you to always run away from your comfort zone.

  1. Change your routine

One of the biggest risks you have, when you work cardio, is to fall into the routine of workouts. Therefore, you have to try to include innovations and variants so as not to get bored with your daily sessions. Remember that if you do this, it’s because you like it.

  1. Make circuits

There is no compelling reason to separate cardio workouts and bodybuilding workouts. They are perfectly compatible and, combined, multiply their results powerfully. If you already follow a gym program in the gym, you can take advantage of the breaks between each series to walk on the treadmill. In this way, you will keep the intensity and level of pulsations stable throughout the session.

  1. Run with music

I do not reveal any great secrets if I affirm that motivation is fundamental to be constant in the gym. Therefore, you have to enjoy your fitness plan. A good way to achieve this may be to listen to music during the session. Besides distracting you, it will help you to follow a steady rhythm. It is proven that, when we run and listen to music at the same time, we tend to synchronize the rhythm of the race with the rhythm of the music.


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