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ASUS ROG Delta Review

ASUS ROG Delta Review

After playing with the ASUS ROG Delta Strix Fusion 700 and the ASUS ROG Zephyrus S, one of the most powerful gaming laptops on the market, it is the ASUS ROG Delta gaming headset, a struggling model. Due to the special shape of the pavilion and the beautiful LED strips around us, we won’t be noticed. Let’s take a look!

The packaging is not as gorgeous as the Strix Fusion 700, but it is complete enough. In addition to the headset and chassis manuals, we also found that the microphones can be connected via dedicated audio jacks, about 1 meter of the USB extension cable, and most importantly two replacement covers for pavilions made of fabric. The crew on board is made of synthetic leather. It’s too bad because there is no house because it’s a model designed for mobile devices.

The quality of these ASUS ROG Delta construction is at the forefront. It is clear that the materials used have excellent quality, starting with rigid plastics that form the hinged portion that connects the pavilion to the bow. The latter hides a metal core with a digital indicator showing the level of extension and the upper part covered with synthetic leather. The lower part of the bow, the part that comes into contact with the head, is always covered with leather, which is filled with a very soft pad.

The name of ASUS ROG Delta is not random. As mentioned above, pavilions, or their shapes, are one of the features of this model. The pavilion is actually triangular and the inner cushion is actually D-shaped. Comfort is ensured thanks to the soft padding hidden under the synthetic leather cover. In this regard, we must admit that we found this coating to overheat when in contact with the skin, as the temperature will rise in a short time.

The LED will also partially transfer heat, but we will be back soon. The solution to this problem is to choose other types of breathable fabric coverings present in the sales package. Very good insulation. Due to the isolation level, ASUS ROG Delta does not have and does not require a noise-canceling microphone. We tested them in a crowded and noisy environment and didn’t need a lot of volumes to cover this buzz. Obviously, the more expensive models with special microphones are more efficient in this regard, but we are still talking about game models. Even at high volume, the insulation guarantees almost no sound and no sound: very good to avoid any type of echo from the microphone.

The pavilion on the left has everything you need to use your headphones. We have a button that turns off or turns on the LED illumination, a click-through volume barbell that plugs into the microphone’s audio jack and the headphone cable connection (you can’t disconnect). The cable is about 2 meters long and has a USB C-type socket at the end. Yes: It is a model designed for mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, and Nintendo Switch. But don’t worry: there is an extension of about one meter in the package, ending with a standard USB. In fact, you can also use it on the console (PS4 and the aforementioned Nintendo Switch, not the Xbox One), although if you play in the living room and your console is far away, 3 meters may not be enough.

But let’s get into the main dish: LED lighting. The strip used by Asus is simply fantastic. This model is more compelling than the Strix Fusion already mentioned, and in our opinion, it is more beautiful. The LEDs are very bright and the colors are soft. By default, the light changes the color of the rainbow. If you use AURA software to connect to an ASUS ROG phone or other ASUS device, you can also adjust it in different ways. Oddly enough, from Armory, the software that can adjust all the audio settings is not possible for the lights. Yes, they are very beautiful, if you want to change them, you can try AURA software. There is only one problem: in the long run, they tend to warm up the headphones.


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