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I decided to write this article, hoping to detail some of the mistakes I made throughout the fitness process, I can help you avoid the same mistakes and ultimately achieve your goals faster. Here are five fitness errors I found through trial and error and I found them very common.

Sometimes, even if we have good intentions, we may be unknowingly doing something that hinders us from getting the results we need. Reflecting on my more than 15 years of work, research, and frankness indulging in fitness, I can recall some of the mistakes I made in the process.

By encouraging them to avoid these mistakes, I help others reach their fitness goals faster, and now I want to help you. Please enjoy!

1.  Overtraining: As a culture, we tend to think that the more the better. Because it’s related to exercise, many of us think that the more we exercise, the more time we spend on exercise, the better we get.

Although I spent a lot of time, I finally found out that this is not the case. This can be a difficult course for early learning, especially if you are very excited about exercising, but when you take it away from me, you can relax.

I used to stay in the gym for a few weeks, a few weeks a week until I ended up with flu-like symptoms and didn’t use it for a few days. When I find that I can achieve better results, imagine my surprise? Still not sick? Take at least two breaks per week and reduce at least half of the time spent in the gym each time.

2. Focus on too many supplements: This is very common, the sooner you learn, the better. We all want to solve the problem quickly. I remember spending a few hours researching supplements and spending a lot of money on different pre-exercise supplements and protein powders.

Once I turned my attention from research supplements to research diet and nutrition, the whole game changed. They are called supplements because they are meant to supplement nutrition. Unfortunately, many of us see them as miracles.

Are there any supplements to help you with your fitness trip? Such as protein powder, caffeine/coffee, fish oil, multivitamins, and superfood supplements? However, if you are looking for sustainable, long-term results, then you need to control your diet better before spending too much time, energy and money on supplements.

3. Don’t push: Many of us reached the plateau as we continued to do comfort. As stated in the overtraining section, I am not saying that you need to spend more time in the gym. I said that you need to do it yourself when you are in the gym. If you want to increase muscle, you need to make sure that you reach muscle hypertrophy. If you want to burn fat, you need to make sure that you are eating and exercising your body as a fuel in a way that leads you.

4. Too much: I remember going to the gym to do a lot of meticulous exercises, and the finer the exercises, the better the results I saw. The reality is that if you stick to the attempts and real movements of each muscle group, you will be much better. Instead of doing fancy exercises, use more weight, different representative ranges, super suits, suits or any other technique to achieve muscle exhaustion. This will make tracking your workouts easier than tracking a million different workouts and trying to determine which workouts don’t work.

5. Rejecting emotional health: This is very important. Building your mental and emotional well-being is the most important thing you can do for yourself. The reason I say this is because if you are strong both mentally and emotionally, then diet and exercise are a kind of food.

I remember that when I was in college for a while, I was forced to tear as much as possible. I even remember thinking, “I will be happy and have fun once I reach my goal. But for now, I just need to keep paying attention to it.”

The news flashed past, if you are not happy now, when you lose weight or build muscle, you will not be very happy.


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