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How to Create Facebook Ad Creatives


How to Create Facebook Ad Creatives

Your Facebook ad creative and copywriting is one of the top ad elements that determine the success of your campaign. If Facebook users scroll through Facebook and your ads don’t get their attention, they won’t click on it and end up on your site, and they won’t end up converting.

Ad design affects your CPA (CPA) and cost-per-click (CPC). Consumers have even found that images account for 75%-90% of advertising performance. That’s why your advertising image is so important!

How to set up your Facebook Ad Creatives

Depending on your campaign goals, you can choose among several types of creatives during the campaign creation phase.

Facebook allows you to select and test up to 6 different image ads to find the best performing options. We recommend that you always test some ad elements and that your Facebook ad design is a good starting point.
To choose an ad image, you have three options:

  • Upload images from your computer
  • Browse your library to reuse your previously uploaded images
  • Find images in the free stock image database

Thanks to the partnership between Facebook and Image Bank Shutterstock, you can get millions of pictures for free! It’s important to refresh your ad image often, so users will see it as a fresh and engaging ad. It’s very useful to be able to find and use new images for free (and can save you a lot of money).

But keep in mind that these free images are available to all Facebook advertisers, which means most of these images are used in thousands of campaigns. You should think of them as the last resort because the number of Facebook users who are likely to have seen images is very high. We also know that it’s always better to generate your own graphics, rather than relying on free images.


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