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Latest Tips and News for facebook ads design

Latest Tips and News for facebook ads design

Hello Friends, We are talking about Facebook ads design. here are some topics for users. According to this year’s social media marketing report, the way most marketers (68%) want to understand the content is how to create original visual assets. One of the reasons may be the explosive growth of Facebook advertising. While the coverage and engagement of most companies on Facebook have declined, smart businesses are advertising and making money.

Adobe’s social media intelligence report pointed out that Facebook’s click-through rate (click-through rate) (20%) and ad exposure rate (41%) both achieved double-digit growth. In order to provide some background information on these statistics, total advertising revenue reached $2.27 billion earlier this year, an increase of 82% from a year ago. This means that Facebook ads are working.

However, not all companies are taking advantage of this growing advertising channel. Only 4% of the 25 million small businesses active on Facebook are running Facebook ads. Small businesses have lost huge opportunities, not to mention Facebook itself – this is where many potential advertising revenues are dormant.

The ability to create original visual content is a key skill as 70% of marketers want to increase their use of visual images in 2014. It’s time to give each marketer and small business owner the tools and know-how to design Facebook ads to get results.

* The focus of this article is on design, especially news feed ads, but these principles can be applied to all Facebook advertising options. Please note that it’s important to target your ads in the right people. This is Ad 101 – Decide on your target before you start designing!


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