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How to Use Google Play Movies for Chrome

How to Use Google Play Movies for Chrome

You can access Play movies from Chrome on the Google Play Movies website. With the online store, you can search and browse in one place, view trailers, buy/rent and watch movies and TV shows.

If you’ve visited the Google Play Store to download apps, music, books, or other content, all platforms have the same functionality, which makes you familiar with what you’re watching.

At the top of the page is a search bar for combing the entire title directory, or using a button in the lower bar to filter by type, top chart or new version. Other filtering options on the sidebar allow you to sort by TV shows, home shows, production studios, and the channels that originally played the show.

Then, as you start scrolling down, the title list is sorted according to the style we’ve identified from many other streaming services: the new version, followed by most popular movies, then various types of genres. Once you find the title, click the play button to play the trailer or click the name to go to the page of the movie.

In the title page, you can read descriptions, actors, production members, comments from other Google users, and other information such as rotten tomato scores, resolutions, subtitles, and more.

If you are not ready to trigger and purchase/rent a title, just click on “Add to Wishlist” and it will be added to the list called “My Wish List”. We will introduce this later.

When you are sure that this is the movie/TV show you want, you can rent or purchase it by clicking the “Rent” button or the “Buy” button.

Note: Not all movies and TV shows can be rented, so you may only see purchase options.

A pop-up window appears, letting you choose the quality of the title (although sometimes only one quality is available); click on the one you want to purchase.

Next, choose your payment method. The default option is a Google Play credit card, but if you click on the drop-down menu, you can choose a Play credit card, redeem the code, add a credit card or add a PayPal account, then click on “Rental.”

If you want to watch the video, click “Watch.” Otherwise, click “Close” to continue browsing.

If you choose not to watch the rental immediately, you can find the rental period for any title under the heading “Lease period” at the bottom of the video information page.



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