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Error messages | Instagram blocks anti-vaccine Hashtag

Error messages | Instagram blocks anti-vaccine Hashtag

Instagram is blocking several anti-vaccine topic tags from spreading the entire platform for error messages. A spokesperson told Cretizmdesign that the company is cracking down on topic tags attached to posts containing de facto incorrect content.

Company spokesperson Stephanie Otway confirmed to Cretizmdesign on Friday that the app would block #vaccineskill, adding the previously banned #vaccinescauseautism, #vccinescauseaids, and #vaccinesarepoison, Instagram announced on Thursday.

Otway said the measure is intended to combat false information in posts with these subject tags, as well as the topic tag itself. This means that users will not be able to search for topic tags, and clicking on the topic tag will not display any results.

According to CNN, Instagram took action on the label #vaccineskill after reporting on Wednesday that it was still one of the best results of the search using the term “vaccine”.

To help set the criteria for allowed subject tags, Instagram is using information from the World Health Organization and the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

In the context of the continued increase in the measles epidemic in the United States, the so-called “anti-vax” content has received increasing attention, with 764 cases confirmed in 23 states this year.

In February of this year, TechCrunch reported that YouTube will promote it through the dissemination of anti-vax publicity channels.

Earlier, Amazon faced pressure from the public and Congressman D-Calif. In March, some anti-vaccine films were removed from its Prime video streaming platform. In the same month, Facebook announced plans to address the issue, saying that in addition to refusing anti-vaccine advertising, it will also reduce the ranking of pages and groups that promote vaccination error messages.

Although social media has taken new steps to prevent the flow of harmful content, CNN reported that certain tags related to anti-vaccine posts such as #VaccinesHarm are still being used on Instagram.

Otway said the company will continue to review the topic tags.


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