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OnePlus 7 released later today

OnePlus 7 released later today

OnePlus 7 looks set to be released later today, which means that current OnePlus 6 is still a device that cannot be ignored. In just a few hours, OnePlus will be showcasing its new OnePlus 7 and OnePlus 7 Pro, and will launch this major launch later today. Rumors and leaks indicate that these refreshed phones look faster and more powerful than ever, and there may be many expectations.

One of the most exciting possibilities is the professional version, which may seem to include a three-in-one rear camera, full-screen design and pop-up self-timer squid, which may allow Chinese companies to get rid of the notches or holes in front of the device – the punch camera.

We’ll find complete details later today, but there’s still time for Amazon’s legacy OnePlus 6 to offer a big discount even on this device recently. This price applies to the 128GB model of Midnight Black, which is still priced at £569 for 256GB. You can find the ONEPLUS 6 deal here.

OnePlus 6 is considered to be one of the best mid-range phones in 2018, and the deal will definitely make the device even more tempting.

As a reminder, the OnePlus 6 includes a 6.28-inch full HD display, 128GB of internal storage and a dual-lens rear camera. There is also a fast Snapdragon 845 processor, hidden under the glass and metal body, you can get a fast rechargeable battery.

When commented on OnePlus 6 last year, we said: “OnePlus 6 is an incredible price for an incredible phone. “It’s fast, it looks great, and it has a very nice display that provides an excellent bright and sharp viewing experience.

“As OnePlus 6 is packaged at less than £500, competitors should be afraid…no…in fact, they should be absolutely scared.” If you want to know all about the next generation of OnePlus phones, then will bring you live news at today’s event.

As London events begin at 4 pm GMT, keynote speeches will be held around the world.


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