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The new Vox-Recode Partnership

The future of politics is a technical story.

The new Vox-Recode Partnership

In the past year, two of us have changed the coastline. Carla is a part-time job in Washington, DC. Ezra moved to Oakland, California. These actions have personal reasons, but there are also professional reasons.

Mark Zuckerberg is writing a column asking for regulation. President Donald Trump is calling Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey to Washington to ask why he lost his fans. Senator Elizabeth Warren launched her presidential campaign by calling on antitrust regulators to separate Amazon from Apple. The Mueller report details how Russia used social media platforms and malware to confuse in 2016. The news industry has been changed by the social platforms that absorb advertisers and reshape the audience. The vicious attack on Muslim mosques and Jewish synagogues began in the dark alleys of the Internet.

The future of technology is a political story. The future of politics is a technical story. If we want to understand the changing world around us, the old coverage of the islands no longer makes sense. So we broke them. Recode and Vox is teaming up.

Recode stems from business news and reflects the era of technology stories through product launches and operating system updates, management transformations and mistakes, revenue reporting and investment decisions. But its soul has always been the deep expertise and sourcing of its employees, and its skepticism about Silicon Valley before skepticism became fashionable.

Vox has his own soul in interpretive news, reflecting that such news is difficult to understand without context. However, this background is increasingly being decided by a small number of companies on the left bank of the United States. To understand this news, you need to understand the company, data, and power of Silicon Valley.

By joining Vox, Recode’s perspective and ambitions will expand. By working with Recode, Vox will deepen its ability to explain the news. To this end, we are pleased to welcome Samantha Oltman from the BuzzFeed technical team as our new editor – and to make Matt Yglesias, Brian Resnick, Emily Stewart and other Vox employee writers contribute to Recode. At this year’s code conference in Scottsdale, Arizona, we will introduce new ways to read, listen to and use Recode.

Recode has always valued the transparency of its journalism, so we want to clarify our values ​​so that we are accountable to you and our readers. We will remain skeptical and note that destructive technology has the unintended consequence that the conflict between human behavior and complex algorithms will never be as complete as expected. We will be wary that technology is changing the way we hide from geopolitical power to personal relationships.

But we also remember that technology can do a good job. A new generation of plant-based meat companies has created cleaner, more friendly and environmentally friendly foods in the future. Climate change has no answer, no innovation, no urbanist vision can’t benefit from smart cities and new modes of transportation. There is no reason to believe that the 21st century will not bring significant progress in health care and learning. Skepticism requires rigor, not despair.

In all of this, we will be guided by a simple theory: to manage, we must first understand technological change. This is why we came together. Vox explained the news. Recode understands technology and media. In short, as the world becomes more and more meaningless, we will try to understand it for you.


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