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The official images of Game of Thrones 8

The second episode images of Game of Thrones 8

The official images of Game of Thrones 8

Waiting for the new episode here is some of the expected photos: we will see Jaime Lannister’s judgment, the strategy table and the return of Lyanna Mormont. In the eighth season of the “Game of Thrones” and the second episode of the last season, only 48 hours were absent. In fact, on the Easter weekend, the night of April 21st to 22nd, we will actually participate in six new chapters that separate us from the final outcome of the adventures of Westeros in the United States and Italy. The plot of the new episode is still top secret, but within a few hours, HBO released 14 official images that can provide us with some clues about what might happen.

Looking through the photos above, one can guess even the second episode, unless the shocking surprise, should be quite contemplative, waiting for the epic battle scene planned for the third episode.

We saw Samwell Tarly, the wife and son were taken at a gentle moment (how dangerous is this family?). We also witnessed a strategy table with Jon Snow, Arya, Daenerys, Varys and Jorah Mormont. As usual, Bran Stark was filmed while observing the facts.

Another key moment in this episode – as can be seen directly from the trailer – when Jay Minister arrives at Winterfell after facing his sister-lover, he will have to accept his former enemies. Judgment.

In other snapshots, we saw other clues about the upcoming battle preparations, such as Zeldaworth’s efforts to refresh the soldiers with soup or lover Verme Grigio and Missandei were forced to greet each other. The person you like will also be happy with the image of the young Lyanna Morton, which indicates that it will occupy an important space in the upcoming episode.

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