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The Toronto Raptors’ Kawhi Leonard hit a bodyguard

The Toronto Raptors’ Kawhi Leonard hit a bodyguard

Toronto – They have already called “The Shot”, although Michael Jordan has been the main rights holder for the NBA for the past 30 years. But after what happened on Sunday night, Toronto fans seemed to have decided to make Cowell Leonard an equal partner. Leonard’s 15-foot, highly anxious jumper on the buzzer team allowed the Raptors to beat the Philadelphia 76ers 92-90 and sent the Toronto team to the Eastern Conference finals on Wednesday against the Bucks. Milwaukee made his first game.

How big is Leonard’s jumper?

This is the first 7th game of the NBA playoffs. According to ESPN statistics, Leonard joined Jordan as the only two to beat a game in the all-season playoffs. The player of the buzzer player. Jordan achieved this victory in the fifth game of the first round of the Cleveland Cavaliers in 1989. The winner was called “shooting.”
Moreover, according to Sportsnet Stats, Leonard created an NBA record that contributed to the team’s highest score (44.6%) in the seventh victory.

Of course, the winning shot seems to have been booked. Who is better suited to be a superhero than a man who brings to Toronto to do this: take the team to a new height, and finally, make the city a champion?

What should I call him now? The people at the moment? Mr. Clutch? There are 20,917 fans who call him “MVP” and they shouted at the Scotiabank Arena’s nephew on Sunday night.

Leonard is in the playoffs of his life, and every time he walks on the court, his reputation seems to be growing. It’s only bigger today because what’s happening here is the clock ticking to zero.

The newly-emerged man, his hands are so big, he is nicknamed The Claw, he made the biggest key shot in the history of the Raptors, sparking a celebration that the city has not seen for a long time. activity.

With 4.2 seconds left in the regular time, overtime looks like a real possibility, with a scoring rate of 90-90. Leonard received an entry pass and cut into the far right corner, the Philadelphia 76ers. Joel Embiid is on his face.

As the clock shortened, Leonard left his foot and fired the ball in a high arc, extending it beyond the extended arms of Embiid.
Scotiabank Arena and the heart of the country skipped some beats. 18 years ago, will Vince Carter’s buzzer in the seventh game of the Eastern Conference semifinals against the same 76ers be near the rim?

If the ball fails and the Raptors lose in overtime, will the city see Leonard wearing the Raptors uniform again? After all, he can opt out of the contract and become a free agent at the end of the season.

Due to its difficulty, this seems destined to be missed. It looks almost like a Hail Mary who fires in a high arc.

Unbelievably, Leonard’s shot is really short. In all competitions, he was very short and his jumper swept from the edge.

But this is different. This ball allowed the Raptors to rebound. In fact, four times the ball bounces off one edge and then the other edge bounces as if it were hanging in slow motion. When the ball finally passed, the crowd broke out and the heart began pumping again.

Leonard was crouching under the siege of his teammates as if he was praying deeply, looking at the camera.

For a time, the fans saw Leonard’s huge emotional release. He smiled and gave a big smile, which made him feel a little embarrassed. He later admitted that he wanted to react to important moments like this.
But even he can’t hide his original emotions.

“This is something I have never experienced before. In the seventh game, the player who won this game,” Leonard said. “This is something I can look back on in my career.”

For the Toronto fans, this is an extraordinary victory, because the Raptors and the 76ers are very bad, the two teams have no control, at least for a long time. This is the Raptors’ rebounds, especially Ibaka’s steals, as well as some timely steals, especially Kyle Lowry’s steals, saved them.

Leonard is not as keen as he is in the playoffs. In fact, all Raptors and 76ers seem to be nervous in all competitions. There are 10 lead changes and 7 times the score.


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