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Top 15 Natural Health Benefits of Date Palm

Top 15 Natural Health Benefits of Date Palm

We like dating. I mean, who is not? These may be the fruits we liked since childhood! At least for most of us. And the healthiest. Now this is something new, isn’t it? Although we always like this taste, we rarely consider the incredible benefits of the date palm. Also known as Hindu’s date palm (Khajoor / Khajur), Arabic ‘Tawarikh’ and French ‘Palmier’. It is a flowering plant of the palm family. It is usually cultivated for its sweet fruit.

Scientifically known as Phoenix dactylifera, it is believed that the date fruit originated in Iraq. The leaves of the date tree are 4 to 6 meters long and have about 150 leaflet thorns. The seeds of the fruit are soaked and ground for animal feed. Their oils are used in cosmetics and soaps. Sometimes seeds are also added to the coffee beans as an additive. Fresh dates are available from August to December, and people can purchase dry dates at any time of the year.

Natural Health Benefits of Date Palm:

  1. Those who want to be fat and want to be fat, drink fresh hot milk by eating 5 grains of fresh dates and they will feel the difference within a few days.
  2. Drying of dates of the palm is done in the water and the pain of the teeth is overcome by burning it with garlic. Likewise, after soaking the date digested water, the liver is benefited.
  3. Drinking juice mixed with water or milk immediately gives strength.
  4. Take 1 to 3 of Date Palm kernels and roasted in water and induce badness and removes the heat of the sweet pot.
  5. For people complaining of constipation, it is a recipe that in the morning as breakfast, drink 3 to 11 drinks and drink water. It is far away.
  6. It is okay to eat butter with it, eating cooked cucumber with dates weakens the weakness. This is the best recipe to eliminate leanness. Drinking pomegranate water with the date is best for the stomach.
  7. Dates contain such elements that prevent the formation of kidney stones and the development of pile stone
  8. Dates for mucus is required. It is more difficult to cook the date after cooking the date of milk in it and its lighter should not exceed 160 grams at one time.
  9. By using the hot milk during sleep in the winter, this heart gives the brain unearned power
  10. It also removes weakness of the brain besides an excellent way to increase sex power.
  11. If the dried date is soaked in water and its water is drunk, then dysentery and the unstable stop.
  12. In addition, its water is very suitable for mumps and intestinal wounds and fenugreek seeds.
  13. If the date is used instead of sugar, it is the best prescription of constipation.
  14. If cooked in the morning, porridge or vermicelli, if 10,12 piles are included in it and it is fried well with ghee, then it is a potent snack that helps the person in all the hard work of Nasif, rather than avoiding germs. Keeps away from diseases as well.
  15.  Those who complain of lack of blood and weakness, cook it by adding 5 thick knives in half a kilo milk, and if the masonry becomes soft, then take them off and take them lightly. They will feel freshness and strength in two weeks.

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