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Top 5 facts about CRM system

The CRM system is one of the most effective tools you can use in your company

Top 5 facts about CRM system

The CRM system is one of the most effective tools you can use in your company, and it can also help develop and strengthen your customer base. A businessman who successfully implements CRM knows how valuable and useful it is. In 2016, the global CRM software market was approximately $36 billion. Today, you can find nine new facts about the CRM system.

Increase lead conversion rate for CRM systems

80% of companies started selling with CRM, increasing the number of potential customers. 77% – Note the increase in the percentage of potential customer conversions.

Profit prompt

CRM sales of $8.71 per dollar. They want more than they think. This study of people aged 18 to 65 in the United States and the United Kingdom suggests that brands should not build long-term relationships with customers, but rather demonstrate a desire to serve customers and continue to exceed their expectations.

Customer expectation

According to the study, the number of satisfied users of the CRM system increased by 66%.

Profits and not just

CRM increased the average revenue per sales representative by 41%, lead conversion rate by 300%, and marketing and sales costs by 23%.

Excel has become a thing of the past

Older people use Excel, Outlook or similar files to store customer data twice as often. This is one of the reasons why they can’t take up leadership positions.

Customers can leave the company because of the quality of service, not the price. Most people think that customers will leave you because of the price or quality of the product, but this is not the case. Rockefeller showed the reason customers left the company and found that 82% of customers would leave because they thought you didn’t care about them. The client wants to be seen as an important person who feels the need and attention.

Other things: Having a CRM system is a good thing, but without additional applications, it’s hard to grow your business. Business Card Reader – Helps you get rid of business cards that may be lost in your daily life. Now, just use the app to scan your business card and manipulate the data directly into your system. Don’t miss the opportunity to strengthen your position in the market.


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