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Why blogs are perfect for stupid people

Blogging makes everyone stupid, which is why it is such a great career for people.

Why blogs are perfect for stupid people

You may click on this article because of a crazy title because you believe that you are not stupid. I have a piece of bad news. Why blogs are perfect for stupid people. Blogging makes everyone stupid, which is why it is such a great career for people. When most people hear about how others start a business and make it successful, they tend to think that this person must be very smart and brave.

they are not.

They are stupid.

If you give someone a stable salary every week instead of a few months without a salary, which one do you think they will choose?

Smart people will choose a stable salary. This stupid person started blogging.

Of course, many people who start blogging do this when they have a full-time job. is it possible? Of course

When people create a blog with full-time jobs, they think they have to do some time each night to write some posts. What they realize is that they don’t have much energy, or life continues to hamper them.

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Stress, tired, hungry, you have another million things to do! Most people gave up. Some people use their blogs to slowly crawl and die. In fact, even less success.

You see, stupid people don’t realize that the surface looks simple, it only looks easy, because someone is messing up their ass behind the scenes.

You are stupid because you want to create a blog.

You are stupid because you think you can build something successful from scratch.

You are stupid because everyone around you will scratch their heads and wonder what you are doing.

that’s OK.

You won’t be stupid for a long time.

Blog Unstupids you if you are paying attention

When you start blogging, you quickly realize that not everyone can do this.

This is easy when you look at each step, but unfortunately, you need to remember 12,768 steps to build a successful blog. Sometimes you take a step back and think about it, you don’t know what happened.

You feel stupid.

For many people who enter the blogosphere, what they have done before is easy, because they usually do something comfortable for them.

No one started as an expert blogger. Everyone is working hard to solve some aspects of it. Even before all my glory was struggling for a while before I started to realize the obvious things.

If you ask successful bloggers what they have done to succeed, some people may pretend to be smart and give you all these crazy strategies. However, if they really sit down and have a few drops of tequila, they will eventually say:

I gave people what they wanted.

Why are you so stupid?

But the reality is that it comes down to it. It sounds like a major oversimplification but thinks about anything you like to buy. You buy it (hopefully) because it is what you want.

Promote your content and people won’t come? You didn’t give them what they wanted.

Is there a product that you can’t even sell for $1? You didn’t give them what they wanted.

Do people continue to unsubscribe from your email at an alarming rate? You didn’t give them what they wanted.

Bloggers tend to surpass themselves. They think they have to do things in a smart way, but that’s not the case.

These are just a bunch of things that you put together.

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