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Why don’t you drink cold water?

Why don’t you drink cold water?

Deciding to change can be difficult. It may be about your personal existence and of course your health. Ayurveda recommends not drinking cold water, no matter how hot it is. You may do this, or you may not do it; but at the end of the day, this is your choice. Less than 10 years ago, I decided to take steps to take care of my health – my entire life. I was still very young at the time – about 13 or 14 years old? Not sure. But one thing I am convinced is that the choices I make bring great benefits to my health and body today.

Since I was young, I really like to sing. Sometimes I get paid by doing this. Generally speaking, if you are a singer, you should not drink cold water, because singers rely on their throat and any throat infections, inflammation or any vocal cord damage may cause them to lose a lot, they strongly recommend not to drink cold water. and so. I did it! But let’s face it – after a long and exhausting day, and from the heat of the sun, who doesn’t want cold water, right? ! However, I decided not to rely on the fact that I couldn’t drink cold water because I sang.

When I was young, I began to realize my health and what I should and should not do to my body. After reading and excavating information and research about drinking cold and warm water, I realized that you have always thought that an excellent anti-thoracic agent may affect your digestive tract. The colder the water, the more severe the consequences:

1. Constipation
Although drinking water at room temperature helps the digestion process, drinking cold water can cause constipation. As food passes through the body, the food will solidify and harden, while the intestines contract, which can cause difficulties when you “release”.

2. Indigestion
This is one of the most common shortcomings of drinking cold water. Drinking cold water is not good for digestion because it causes blood vessels to shrink and eventually slows down the digestive process. Because of all this, the food you consume cannot be accurately digested; nutrients are not as absorbed as they should be.

3. Increase fat
The low temperature in the body causes the fat to harden and thicken, making it difficult for the body to digest.

4. Drainage energy
Drinking cold water can make you feel refreshed and stimulate your interest in the short term. In the long run, it can actually consume your energy. This is because your body must use extra energy to heat the cold water and bring it to normal temperature.

5. can cause sore throat
Just as a cold day can make you runny and block your sinuses, cold water will have the same reaction to your body. In other words, your body produces mucus as a natural humidifier to warm any cold air or liquid that is ingested. The difference is that in the case of ice water, this body reaction is unnecessary and can cause extra mucus to accumulate in the tube, which can make your throat sore.

6. Reduce heart rate
According to some studies, drinking ice water may stimulate the vagus nerve. The vagus nerve is an important part of the human autonomic nervous system, and its main function is to control the involuntary behavior of the body. The vagus nerve mediates a decrease in heart rate, and the low temperature of ice-cold water acts as a nerve stimulus, resulting in a decrease in heart rate.

7. Headache
It stimulates many tiny nerves in the spine and immediately spreads information to the brain, causing headaches.


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