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Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap launch on May 30

Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap launch on May 30

Wonder Boy: Although (technically) is an old game in the 80s, the dragon’s trap itself is doing very well. French publisher DotEmu announced that the astounding remake of this little-known Sega sidescroller has now sold nearly 500,000 copies on consoles and PCs.

In just a few weeks, the game will be for mobile devices for the first time – for iOS, Android and Nvidia Shield on May 30th – from developer Prodigious. The mobile version will have all the same features as its console and PC, including the ability to switch between new hand-drawn graphics and old pixelated styles. It will cost $9.

Bringing a colorful platform computer to smartphones and tablets makes sense for DotEmu because it makes a big splash on portable gaming consoles. According to Gamasutra’s 2017 interview, Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap performed best on the Nintendo Switch, surpassing the sum of all other versions (PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC).

In the game, you play the nominal magical boy (or magical girl) and you must use your six different animal conversions to fight your way through the monster land. GamesBeat comment editor Mike Minotti called it the “perfect port.”

There is no news about the magic boy’s nemesis, the young annoying person, whether it will eventually become his long-awaited premiere.


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